I am a digital designer based in Copenhagen. For 10 years I specialised in UI design. I love conceptualising simple and effective user experiences.

I appreciate a good process whether it’s my own or working within a team. I’m structured and a big-time bullet list kind of guy. I like to work from well-defined user stories and business cases. I enjoy the process of iterating on a concept. I prefer to start on paper before moving into wireframes and high fidelity prototypes. I do a lot of prototypes working close together stakeholders to find the ideal solution.

I like to keep updated on technologies and trends. It is important for me to keep learning, improving my skills and not standing still.

I take pride in understanding the technical conditions, limits and benefits of a platform. I’m not afraid of CSS, HTML or jumping in to an editor. The inspector is my friend and I strive to communicate in the same terms as the developer.

For the last couple of years, I have also been into photography. I love the many aspects of it. This is all the way from the technical side, to the human interaction, storytelling and being present in the moment and place. This passion has also made me a much better designer, by understanding light, color and composition on another level. Plus being able to edit images for implementation in graphic projects, is not too bad.

If you’re interested in learning more about me or what I do, simply reach out. I am always open to connecting with other creatives or entrepreneurs expanding my network.

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Daniel is always well structured, quick to get an understanding of the task at hand, and able to see the bigger picture and plan ahead. Knowing that even when handling smaller tasks, he would consider the bigger picture helped a lot. More →

Johhny A. CTO, Autobutler

He is a talented and skilled designer with a good eye for details. He is always very thorough with his work and great at creating different design variations to find the best solution. More →

Rasmus Ø. Head of Product, Autobutler

The thing I really appreciated about Daniel is that he is always open for discussion, learning and improving, not only in his field, but also in regards to programming and technical limitations and possibilities. More →

Marco J. Frontend Developer


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